Aqualaskin “An animal can think better than Drifta Trek”

Zambian M’simbi Hitmaker – Aqualaskin says even animals can think better than Drifta Trek. This is after Drifta Trek attacked Aqualaskin saying Aqua should concentrate on twerking.

Aqualaskin Wrote:

You can clearly see that even animals have started thinking better than some of these so called musicians, Ah! this is so worrying I swear and these are the people you call artists and expect our industry to thrive or go any where lol (Fucking bullshit)

Clearly they some Pure illiterate ass kissers. I now see why none of you niggas will ever pass Slap, Macky 2, CHef 187 or even my level Muli batutu last.

Me dropping a song the same day as sensei is no disrespect or me competing with him.It’s sportsmanship for the love of the culture I am the next of king so I have to align myself with the great, that’s me giving myself a challenge to actually outdoor my self as a rapper.

UNO is really a formidable legend in the zambian rap scene and I for one respect this OG big time plus if we are being really honest how can A single compete with an album, worse from one of thee Greatest Rappers we have?

UNO understands what I meant clearly and I’m sure he has no problem with it.Me and lyrical Joe Mbuzi have sat down a couple times and he has poured so much wisdom in me, I respect him for all he has done for the game but even he knows this sport is about (If they won’t let you in enter by force) I will drop that single regardless your miss Quote of what I posted and if your really got offended I called you Pussy for not dropping the same day I still stand on it, Suck my D with authenticity!

They won’t even understand this aswell 😂 somebody translate Uko please!

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