DJ Kandeke replies to Raymond and Kiss Jay after claiming Chile One did nothing in 2022

Yo Maps’s manager DJ Kandeke has been getting shots from people after featuring on the Power TV wrap up program where he said Chile One did nothing in 2022 if not for the Disciplinary Committee.

Kiss Jay posted his opinion on his Facebook page which Raymond, K Millian’s manager copied and pasted on his page as well.

Below is Kandeke’s comment on the post which follows made by Raymond

DJ Kandeke claim Chile One did nothing in 2022 if not for the Disciplinary Committee.

Ati social media is misleading Chile One.

I just watched that Power TV 2022 Wrap Up and I noticed the following.

On that panel, Only Director cooper zm was informed, Cooper was judging according to the way it is supposed to be and the rest were confused.

1) Why did you include Yo Maps’s manager on the panel leaving other artists managers?

2) Why will you remove an artist from the position he deserve to be at just because there was drama?

Dj Switcher was judging from a view of making DJ Kandeke consider him a good person. I mean Switcher brought the issue of Chile One trending because of the Edna interview Drama, Disciplinary Committee and attacking Yo Maps which we have not even agreed to. So because Chile One used Mwizukanji as a model in his video and you say he was attacking Yo Maps? Nah

But do you know Yo Maps also was trending because of the Mwizukanji and Kidist Drama then later started working on his brand after the drama was done?

The entertainment industry is all about trends. Both Chile One and Yo Maps have had drama. We are not interested in knowing who is better between Yo Maps and Chile One because we know they are both unique.

It was not even necessary to sit down and start disrespecting artists in that manner.

I Submit.

Kiss Jay
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