It’s now almost a week since the day the rumour between Roberto & Yo Maps started.

Roberto took it on Twitter where he tweeted “it seems buying of views & Using bots is now a trend in Zambia”. The people thought this tweet was a Jab thrown at Yo Maps because It was made when Yo Maps’s Komando album and pick it up song was doing well on media platforms by getting too many views.

With The Komando album getting 10 million streams in less than a month, Pick it up video getting 5 Million views on YouTube in 9 months. This made people think Roberto was talking about Yo Maps.

After the rumor kept going, A fan asked Roberto on a post on Roberto’s Facebook page saying “Is it true that you are jealousy of someone who is buying views?”. Asked a fan but Roberto’s response was in a comma way by responding “If you find the name of the artist stated in my post then yes but if there is no Artist mentioned on my tweet then stop wasting your time over that issue”.

This clearly says Roberto didn’t mean Yo Maps is buying views but it was just an opinion.

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