Yo Maps fans attacking Chile One after the Fill Up dream came True | WATCH

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Chile One continues to get shots on social media from Yo Maps’s fans.

Samuel Machishi Wrote:

Fill up Heroes: My opinion.

It is a journey that has started on a good note, a very good initiative by the organizers to show growth of the music industry in the country and beyond.

Yo Maps is arguably one of the biggest if not the biggest musician in the country at the moment hence the show focusing on him and the fact that his new releases breaking records such as try agin over 2 million views on YouTube in just two weeks.
However I believe if that dream of filing up the 60,000 heroes stadium is to be fully realized the next music show should be dubbed ( Fill up Heroes for Zambian Music) this will mean funs are going to Heroes to watch Zambian musicians and enjoy Zambian music.

I love Zambian music and as a young Dj I was privileged to see big names in the game JK, Exile, Danny, Redlinso and Winstone etc fill up spaces that were considered impossible to be filed up by a local artist e.g Barclays sports complex and the old Mulungushi conference center.

If we say fill up Heroes for Zambian music it will mean rounding up all the big names those enjoying the massive AirPlay now and those that came before them. I didn’t attend the show but as a journalist with friends on the ground, you did well the attendance from Zambian music funs was positive.

It’s a big ambition that will have to be realized, but for today and only for today mission accomplished – Dj Great.

Kiss Jay wrote:

Now that Yo Maps has opened the door, It is only right that we support Chile One next when he attempt to fill up any stadium and not the attacks circulating on social media.

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